The New Upcoming Handbags

I think it would be really good for parents, because you can just dump a thousand thing in there. Diaper, water bottles, I don’t know what you need for a baby. Xanax, alcohol. I’m joking. I’d be doing that if I had kids. I’m joking. I don’t know you could put in there. If you have kids. If you have to go on a trip on an airplane, and you seem to throw a pillow, a water bottle, and 5 magazines, and your cell phone, and some stuff in there. It’s just a good gaping tote. Gorgeous. It really does hold up, because the monogram canvas is coated canvas, which will hold up against basically anything.

Upcoming handbags

The next bag I want to talk about, is the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour. This is really good quality for your money. Now, I don’t like the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour for 1 reason, and that is that it copied the Birkin. In the gusseted size, and the straps that go through the gussets and come around. I know, I’ve talked about it a million times. Aside from the fact that it’s somewhat copying the Birkin’s silhouette, for the money … I don’t know how much it costs off the top of my head. I think it’s about $2,750 for the medium size. I think for the money, you’re getting a lot of bag. You’re getting a lot of bag. You’re getting a really structured bag that uses a lot of very good materials.

The purse that holds everything

It really holds up. My sister has a Saint Laurent Sac De Jour, and she loves it. She uses it. She’s had it for about a year. It’s held up. It is a structured bag. That you’re getting a great bag, and a lot of bag for the money. Similar bags in that style, with that much material cost 3, $4,000. I think it’s much better than a lot of there bags. If you want a good bag for work, I think it’s a great bag for that. It’s really beautiful, it’s structured. It’s really streamline. It’s almost like taking a Birkin, and removing all the hardware, and making it a more straightedge Birkin.

Is the Birkin the winner?

The next bag of the moment, that I think is really good to buy … This is a really great insider tip. Get The Ricky from Ralph Lauren. The reason I love this bag is, because I really think it’s going to take off soon. More and more celebrities are wearing it. It has a really beautiful silhouette. Some people think it copied the Birkin, in the over the top flap. That flap that goes over the front, with the 2 little straps that go through. You know what, everybody’s copying the Birkin in some way or another. Cause the Birkin is the OG handbag. The Ralph Lauren Ricky, I really think is going to take off. Will it become the next luggage tote? Will it become the next it handbag? I can’t say that for sure, but I do think it’s going to take off. I just have this weird feeling about it.